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May. 1st, 2006 | 08:08 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: Jake Shimabukuro

Yes, yes, yes trade fair is over and we're all relieved. But nothing in this world stops we have to move on and that's I'm trying to do. See I'm looking for a full time summer job and I have the opportunity to work at Peter Cashin photography. However, I would have to do customer things along with designing which I'm not happy about. But funny enough this little customer bit has actually made me question whether I should take the job or not. I know you're probably thinking I'm a totally idiot and yes I am. I can have the chance to learn and become a photographer and become even more creative. Cassandra my manager well actually my mentor because she is so smart, talented and I really look up to her. She told me that she can teach me everything and introduce me to a new and higher level of creativity. So this weekend I was concerned about this job and I've come to the conclusion that I will take the job. So what I have to deal with crazy customers, so what I have to take their passport pictures, and so what i'll uncomfortable (at first) Sometimes you have to take a chance. I now know why I didn't get the job at Future Electronics, I was ment to work here. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but I do go by signs. It's amazing how everything happens for a reason. If you're not seeing it open your eyes your whole life is based on these wonderful moments.
The only little problem with this new job is the pay, not good only $8 an hour. Hopefully after a few weeks maybe they'll give me a raise. Well here's hoping.

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Apr. 19th, 2006 | 04:53 pm
mood: calmcalm

It's my sanctuary, my temple, my world away from the world. I strive to go there pushing, pushing, pushing and finally I disappear. No more schoolwork, no more emails, no more worries just nature, just me. Up and down and up again I push. First gear, second gear I pump. I'm going so fast I can't think I don't want to. The cardinal cries, the robin runs, the snake slithers, I'm immersed in nature. You can't find me you won't be able to grab me away from this place. There's no more sky the branches act as my roof. I continue this escape until my legs give out and I have no choice but to stop. I put out the plane that flies over me, I put out the construction noises I close my eyes and breath. I look at my surroundings and all I see are trees, leaves and I listen to nature. I hear the red squirrel, the woodpecker, and the crow the crow that sits way up above me and heads west. I must follow it and see where it lands. Up and down and up again, first gear, second gear, I've lost him. Though I can't find my guide I am not lost. This is my sanctuary, my temple my world away from the world. I must go back leave this retreat but I will return I have no choice it’s in me it lives in me.

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Apr. 9th, 2006 | 08:07 pm
location: Bedroom
mood: amusedamused
music: Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.4 in G minor - Largo

Has anyone noticed that when you visit an optometrist it actually feels that you're being seduced? I supposed at first it doesn't, they scan your eyes then they spray water in your eyes in order to calculate your reaction. I just went on Friday and I told the girl, who was performing the test, "I feel like a misbehaved cat!". Who came up with this awful test. Place your head in a chin rest where many chins have rested before if I may add. Then without even warning you they spray water in your eye. And of course the room must be dark or deemed. Now your eyes are watering and your mascara's a mess you're shipped off to the main examining room. Here is where the fun begins.

You're offered a spoon, oh no not to eat with but to place over one eye. Can't they ask just to place your hand over one eye? Read the letters and then switch eyes and read it again. Well I pretty much have the letters memorized I can totally cheat,of course I wouldn't do this since i'm the one who would be cheated. Now it's time to remove your glasses and the huge machine that swings around and has a lot of doohickeys, is placed in front of you. They cover one eye,of course, and ask you to read letters again. Look dude I've watched Sesame street! So you sing your abc's and then you are offered many options. "Is it better now or now?", "Is it better like this or when I do this?" Eventually after so many options you're not sure. Oh and did I forget to mention that the lights are off now. After those options it's time to switch eyes and go through all of that again. Finally, oh yes finally they adjust the doohickey and you're able to see clearly,hallujah! It's not over. Lights are switched back on and then there's a new doohickey that is placed in front of you. You have to place your chin in that chin rest again,yuck, and then he says "Look into my light" "no, I'm too scared". Lights back on and it's the light thing again but he does it manually. This is where I almost loose it. I'm supposed to look straight ahead and he stands two feet away from me. Lights are off and then he zooms in with his light and he's half an inch from my face. He's literally breathing in my ear and I get this shiver in my heap. Did I mention the lights are off now? He backs away oh and then he zooms in again in the other eye. Finally everything is done, lights are back on and I'm told that my prescription hasn't changed it has actually improved.

I swear if aliens are looking into our world they must have a field day. Of course it's so important to have your eyes checked because we loose so much if we don't have proper vision. But why must they put those dorky glasses on you and ask if we can see the wings of the house fly in 3D. Why can't it be a butterfly?

And about eyewear. What's with the Prada, DKNY, etc for eyewear. If you're wearing them for the brand goodluck. The type is size 2 on the side of your glasses. They're made with the same materials but they start at 200$. Wow what is our world coming to? There are people all over the world who can't see and afford a pair of glasses. I believe you can donate your old pair of glasses to Student Activities or Student Services. Though I'm not sure but it's a great idea.

Here's a website that's ironic
The international review of graphic design

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Don't Rain on my Parade!

Mar. 29th, 2006 | 04:11 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: David Gray

So I started working for Peter Cashin last Friday and it was great! It's amazing what you can learn in the workforce. I learned so much about photoshop in those five hours. I fixed up all of my trade fair photos and they look great. But also my manager says that I have a great eye and she telling me how to approach a client so on and so forth. I was really encouraged and I feel like something great is going to happen soon. I also feel like an apprentice because she's literally teaching me everything. There's a lot to learn at school but in the workforce it's totally different.

I just received an email from my third cousin in Scotland. Well his wife writes to me practically once a week. I've never met this person in my life but yet I feel like I've known her all my life. She feels like an aunt to me. Anyway, I spoke to her about what I'm studying and she wrote saying that at the age of 54 she took a desktop publishing course at Perth College. Isn't that amazing? Plus her niece is in designing and she works for a textile firm and she gets to travel all the time. This is great because I'm dying to travel and you never know. Maybe in a few years I will meet my "aunt" and meet her niece.

So anyway, everything is going great and nothing can't bring me down.
Hmm... for a link?


It's so interesting to see similar programs like ours at other colleges.

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(no subject)

Mar. 21st, 2006 | 05:18 pm
mood: ecstaticecstatic
music: Simpsons

A few blogs ago I wrote about not having a well paying job. Well I did something about it I found myself another job. I was on workopolis campus.com and there was a job posted for Peter Cashin photography. I applied immediately because they were asking for a photographer's assistant. I went to the first interview and I was called for a second one. The second interview involved me working for five hours. This was to let them see how I do with customers and so on. After that day I realised I didn't want the job. I found there was too much customer service and I wanted something more creative. So I called them and told them that it wasn't for me. I was then called five days later from the owners son. He found I had a lot of talent and that he would want me to design their commercial works. See, Peter Cashin also does commercial works for companies. Last week I went for a meeting to see what I would be doing. Steve Cashin asked me what I like to do and I told that I love to take photographs of food. So he told me that he will get food projects for me. He's literally going to go to restaurants and food companies. I feel so lucky and this whole experience hasn't really settled in yet. I didn't know I was this talented. Plus the manager Cassandra told me I would eventually deal with the clients. I'm so thankful because this is going to look great on my resume and I can take the works I did and put them in my portfolio.

Check out this website if you're looking for a job.
You're going to have to make an account. They'll want a password for the school you attend. Ours is Penfield I believe though check the employment centre for more info.

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A trip to La Prairie

Mar. 15th, 2006 | 08:22 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: class chatter

If you read Laura's live journal then you know that I was with her at the Opera. I did drive downtown and it was perfectly fine. I actually feel more comfortable driving downtown then out in the west island. I feel like I can't get lost since it's always up and down and east to west. So anyway we got on time and we went to Complex DesJardin. I love that mall because there's a geyser in the middle and the ceiling is so high. It was weird though because we sat down to eat and two girls were starring at us. We didn't buy anything since we brought our supper with us. Anywho, I stared right back at them. From there we went to Place des Arts and saw the Opera. It was called La Clemence de Titus and it was good though I've seen better. I think if the story was a little better then the whole thing would have been much better. The set was a little boring since the walls were white and it never changed. Though the only part that was really great was when there was supposed to be a fire and the way they did the lighting made the fire look so realistic. The singing was superb. The main soprano sang the highest note ever heard. I swear she could have broken a glass.

Now for my experience that I had to try for Susan's assignment. Well I actually didn't try it, it just happened. Laura and I were coming back from The Gazette field trip in NDG. We were heading to the 20 ouest and somehow I ended up on the Mercier Bridge. I followed the signs and they kept on saying 20 Ouest but eventually they changed to 138 South. Great! "Now where are we going?". There was so much traffic that it tool a while for me to see where we were going. Then things began to look familiar and before we knew it we were heading to La Prairie. Once I was on the bridge I knew where I was going. However, it was my first time driving on my own on a bridge. We finally got off and then I turned off somewhere and headed back on to the bridge. I looked down for a few seconds and it freaked me out. Finally we got back on the 20 and we were fine. When these things happen I don't panic I actually enjoy them. I believe it's the best way to learn your environment. Sometimes if I'm somewhere I'll take a different road just in order to get lost. I know it's sounds weird but I like it.

Visit this link www.operademontreal.com and maybe you'll be interested in the Opera

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Lifes demands

Mar. 8th, 2006 | 07:22 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Woman by John Lennon

Am I busy these days! Well I guess we're all busy these days. Sometimes I feel it just taking over my whole life. Thank God I have Tabs who reminds to breath cause you see I forget. It helps so much. When you feel overwhelmed and you feel like you can't control a thing just stop and breath. Think of it as a reboot for your body. We're doing so many things these days and our brains are getting ahead of our bodies. I try to work out everyday. That's my time to center myself and just concentrate on my body. When I'm working out I'm not thinking of anything. You really can't distract during those 45 minutes. Just this Monday I felt stressed and Chris that singing helps and you know what it does! I came home that day and I was so tired. I knew I had so many things to do so I just put on my favourite cd and sang. It's weird but it almost releases any tension that's in your body. Doing these things every once and a while is great for the body and mind. When you're not stressed you can be creative.

Here's a great website. It's all dedicated to stress.

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Job=no new job

Feb. 27th, 2006 | 07:22 pm
mood: blahblah
music: absolutetly nothing

First of all I just realized that I haven't been entering any web addresses I've actually been preoccupied with a specific job interview. Just last week I applied for Peter Cashin Photography located in the Blue Haven Shopping center on St.Jean's. I thought this would be great for me I can be creative at a part time job. I would be taking past-port photos, touching up commercial photos etc. Well I had my 5 hour evaluation where I spend a day there experiencing the job. After an jour and a half I realized that I didn't like the job. You know each time they take a past port photo they have to go into Photoshop and fix the levels. EACH TIME!!! When my mom got hers she went to Sears and the picture actually came our of the camera. The lighting was perfect and it only cost $15.00. At Peter Cashin it's $25.00! I thought i would be good for this job but I found there was a lot of customer service to do. I do do customer service at my job right now but it's different because from the beginning I knew what I was talking about. At Peter Cashin's didn't know what the hell I was talking about and I really didn't want to learn. So I called them this morning letting them know that it wasn't for me. Now I feel much better and relived. So my plan for mow is just to stay at my job now. I'm getting 10 hours a week and I'll be getting a full time job in the summer. But from all of this experience I still want to go into photography. I want to do commercial photography. Here's the website for Dawson college Professional Photography Program.


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Wasn't Ment to be

Feb. 22nd, 2006 | 09:33 am
mood: contentcontent
music: class chatter

Well I had a job interview on Monday. I don't know if you guys remember but in my last journal I spoke about my job and my financial situation. The interview was at Peter Cashin Photography. They were looking for a photographer's assistant. Since I'm thinking of going into Photography after P.D.H.T. I thought this would be perfect. So I sent my CV via email and I received a call the following day. She told me I could bring a portfolio. I brought a bunch of my works including my calendar in my brothers special portfolio. The interview went well, it's a really nice place and my responsibilities would include serving the customers, taking passport photos, and touching up photos on the computer. She told me if I was going for a second interview I would receive a call that afternoon or the following day. I waited and unfortunately I didn't get a call. I was surprised because I thought I was perfect but I see it as that it wasn't meant to be. However, when I got home yesterday my answer machine was blinking. YES! I press play and it's my grandfather practically in tears saying that my grandmother was in the hospital. I was in shock. So I called my mom to tell her the news. In the end my grandmother had a huge blockage in her heart. She's fine now and hopefully my grandfather is ok. I never heard him like that he's always happy go lucky, singing and he's just hilarious.

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Should I get a new job?

Feb. 17th, 2006 | 12:11 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: The strong winds from outside

It's part of the student life, a part time job. Some of us love ours and some us don't want to think of them. I'm fortunate enough to work at a great place called "Les Artisans d'Aujourd'hui". It's in a heritage home on St.Charles. It's a beautiful place, it's actually 245 years old! We sell a lot of gift items, we give courses on how to make floral arrangements, and we give kid courses as well. This place is amazing during Christmas time. We play christmas music, and the whole is decorated. Christmas time is actually our busiest time of the year- no kidding. Therefore, the rest of the year is well pretty much dead. I only get 10 hours a week, and I'm being paid $7.60 an hour. I've been there for over a year and I still haven't received a raise. Now you're probably saying why don't I ask for one. And of course I would but I know that the store is not really busy plus it's a family business. I feel that it would be too awkward to ask and what if my boss get's angry? You don't know how awkward it is to work with her when she's not in a good mood, especially when it's just two of us working. So I've been debating whether I should apply for a new job. I check workopolis campus practically everyday, and I haven't found anything. I guess I'm being too picky. Though I will probably be working full time during the summer and therefore I don't want to start a new job and then tell them in May that I won't be working there for the summer. So I feel trapped and a little scared financially. I have a car so I have monthly payments on that, then there's the visa, gas. And when you get paid $115 every two weeks, well it's frightening. However, I do worry about it but it doesn't consume my life. I still live at home so it's not like I have to pay for rent, groceries, and bills. But just to feel comfortable financially and not cringe when I see my book list would feel really good.
Plus I feel comfortable with my job because I have a routine down. I don't work on Fridays, and only Saturday and Sunday. You get used to that and you don't want to loose that. However, I guess a time will come when I'm going to have to get out of my comfort zone.

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